Saturday, December 29, 2007

That time of the year

I lost last year's resolution list- but i'm pretty certain i accomplished a few but not all. Here's next on my list for 2008

1) Get into pilates!
2) Buy a motorcycle (don't know whether possible)
3) Start SCUBA certification
4) Attempt to bake awesome cupcakes (didn't pan out this year- but i now have a hand mixer from Walgreens! no less)
5) Loose 10 lbs (never works but, one should always have goals)
6) Go to London (this is easy, :) just how many times will i get to go!)
7) Save $10,000 (never works again, but- you know- set your goal concept)

Anyways- Happy New Year! To all my close friends and true friends. May the coming new year bring true happiness for us all.

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