Monday, August 6, 2007

Plug in Baby!

OMG! OMG! I'm at MSG, NY!!! Naively i thought it was going to be an open stadium- what? it had the word "garden" in it! But it ended up to be indoors and nicely air-conditioned. This is a plus in the heat of a NY summer. First on stage was Cold War Kids. Could they be any more brilliant? They were moving like dancers on the stage with they syncopated (gr?) rhythms.

Must say, as soon as i saw it was an indoor arena- i knew my girl Gigi would not be able to enjoy all the razzmatazz that Muse added to their shows. A big part were those arcrobats being suspended on balloons. Being that this show was numero quatro for me this year, I immediately noticed the set up was right. The set list however was similar as they kicked off the show once again with Knights of Cydonia (sans space suit men). In addition, NY you suck! as Muse fans. SF was definitely more rockin'. There was hardly any moshing!!! However, as Matt closed the first set with Plug in Baby- NY pulled through and the whole stadium was screaming for more. Fingers crossed- I'll manage to catch perhaps one more show this year? They did add an Irvine show...

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gigegy said...

mr. bellamy rocked the red suit.